Jim Gill is an award-winning musician and author. He is working with Three Rivers Public Library District on an exciting project based on his book, May There Always Be Sunshine.

Children in our communities, as well as family members and library staff members, work together to create a VIDEO book! Each child thinks of a “May there always be” wish. The child writes that wish on a page or a family member helps the child write down the idea, then the child creates an illustration for the page.

Everyone will be able to see the completed book, on video, along with Jim's musical rendition of the wishes in our unique book. The book will also be available in digital format on our BiblioBoard page for everyone to enjoy!

Submitting Your Digital Items

How it works:

  1. Spend some time thinking of the ONE THING – your favorite thing - that you would like there to always be. It is a wish. May there always be __________. Something, or some person, or something to do…..that is your favorite.
    Please make sure you select only ONE WISH. If you are thinking “cake and ice cream” please choose one of those wishes – cake OR ice cream.
  2. Write your idea on a piece of paper. Young children might need adults to help them write down their ideas. Older children may be able to write down their ideas independently.
  3. Create the artwork for your page of this book.
  4. Write your FIRST NAME on your page.
  5. Have an adult scan or take a photo of your page.

Here are some examples:

Young children's art Young children's art

Starting October 26th, 2020, pages can be submitted to the library on our website's BiblioBoard page. Follow the prompts to upload your scanned file or picture.


Make sure to submit your page by the November 16th deadline.

Once all submissions are received, Jim Gill will create the video version of our community book, which will be available on our website and social media for all to enjoy by November 30th.